Our last flyer had a $7 rebate on Science Diet. The flyer is over but the rebate is good until the end of March. If you want to try out the best pet food for your pet's health, it's the perfect time to start. I feed Science Diet to our dogs and we're very happy with the results. A year ago we had a tour of the Science Diet research center and their canned food facility and we were extremely impressed with the science diet commitment to providing the best nutrition for your pets. I wrote up my impressions at the time. http://homeofeconomy.net/site/science_diet_pet_nutrician_center_tour/ One of the things that we learned about was about the Science Diet Light dog food. "Light" or "Lite" on a pet food is a legal definition. There's a certain number of calories per volume they must be under. Most weight control products sold for pets can't meet this standard so they can't use the word "light" to describe their product. We put our big dogs on the light product a year ago. During that time our Golden Retriever lost a lot of weight. He's getting up there in years and it was gratifying that he could climb the stairs again after he lost a few pounds. Maybe I should switch to that as well.