Update! We've got the entire flyer posted up on the main web site. Click here to view the entire thing in it's glorious detail. Our Sunshine Savings flyer was out in the newspapers yesterday. Well, we put it out in the daily papers on Wednesday but some of our towns don't have a strong daily newspaper so we wind out putting it out anything from a Monday (in Devils lake to Saturday in Jamestown). Normally that doesn't cause a lot of problems but with flyers that are time sensitive, like the Thanksgiving Flyer it can be a problem. This is a twelve page flyer that does really well for us. The big reason is is that we are in a season change where people have a lot of stuff to buy. That goes from Lawn and Garden to Fishing. One highlight of this flyer is the Big Brown Bag Sale that I wrote about yesterday. Another highlight is the Weber Grills. We are really going after the leadership position with Weber Grills. Weber is the #1 name in the quality grill market and Home of Economy is the number one Weber Grill Store in North Dakota. We are looking forward to a great season in Weber. We were up 174% in the month of April even though the weather wasn't all that good. (As our buyer from the deep South keeps telling us.) We have a great promo on Science Diet dog and cat foods for the month. This just shows a fraction of the products that we carry from Science Diet. It's a lot of work handling a dog food that has so much variety, but that is the strength of Science Diet. They cater to YOUR pet's special needs. We have Tempo on the front page of the flyer. It's bound to be a tough year for insects with all the moisture we have and we are the leader in Tempo sales. If you turn the page you'll see our clothing department first on pages 2 and 3. We have great offerings on Carhartt summer and spring wear, work boots, and Jeans. We also have been selling those kids boots like crazy. We've got a lot of fishing gear on sale. One place where Home of Economy really shines is in the marine batteries, both starting and deep cycle. The last thing you want is for you to have a battery problem when you're out on the lake. (But if you do and you're fishing Devils Lake we can help you out in our store there.) We've got gun safes on sale in this flyer. Like ammunition Gun safes are experiencing a boom. They are in short supply so if you're thinking of buying one this year now would be the time. We've got a real attractive lawn and garden page strong in power equipment. We've got nearly a full page of bird and animal feed. We've been expanding our offerings in the pet food. You'll see that all stores have Diamond, Nutro and Pedigree small crunchy bites. We're also carrying a fair bit of Iams dog food in the stores, but that isn't in the flyer. It's starting to sell very well. We're still committed to the Science Diet brand but we want to be able to serve people who have their favorite foods. WE've got a ton of tools for your home/shop and for your yard on sale as well. And on the back page we've got tires and batteries and trailers. That's what we always have, but that's because it's such an important category. We should have the entire flyer posted to the regular web site tonight. When that happens I'll link to it. Until then we have plenty of store copies for you to pick up. Recently we changed our order to have a TON of flyers for the customers. That's because we found that many of our customers no longer take the newspapers. We want to make sure we have copies for them as well.