Wow it seems that with the flood forecasts for this spring pumps are going out as fast as they are coming in. We just got a larger order in last week and they already look picked over. Not to worry we've got two orders over at the warehouse that will be over here as soon as possible. Our pump sales have tripled so far this year due to people's concerns. Our buyer has done a great job keeping us in stock. It seems that ever day he's down here talking about what he's doing to keep us the place to go to get your flood needs.

Home of Economy plans to keep our pumps at sales price throughout the entire emergency. We're also doing our best to hold the line on prices for other flood needs. We've gone through several orders of discharge hose. Now all we can get is a domestically made lay flat that costs about 50% more than the product we've offered in the past. Rather than raise the price Home of Economy is going to absorb that increased price. One question we get is why we have a three day return policy on pumps and other flood items. The reason we do that is that people would buy up more than they need and return it if it wasn't used. That could amount to tens of thousands of dollars of product that would put us in a bad inventory position. Most of the other businesses have the same sort of policy. We feel that if we keep pumps on hand at all times that nobody needs to purchase a bunch of pumps "just in case."

And with Wayne Pumps we're able to do that. They are a fantastic company to deal with when we've got a flood emergency. If we call them today and tell them we need more pumps they'll have it on a truck this afternoon coming direct to our store. Home of Economy has been there for quite a few flood emergencies whether it comes from spring flooding OR from summer rains. In fact Home of Economy was the only store that was open every single day during the Grand Forks flood of 1997.