Several times a month we sit around and brainstorm on lines that we aren't doing as well as we should with. One of these meetings got us thinking about our grill business. We've always sold them but I've never been happy with how we've done it. I haven't been happy with our sales either. We sell the best, most known grill in the market, Weber Grills. We've sold them since forever. But we weren't doing it right. Weber is stronger than ever for us because the big box stores are having their own grills made over in China for them. They've dropped the name brand in order to boost their margins. I suppose that works for a lot of people, but there's plenty of customers that want the quality they know they get with Weber. Since then we've really upgraded our displays. We've got the point of sale signage to make it work. The picture above is Grand Forks but we should have the same basic set up in all of the stores (except we're working on Jamestown maybe even getting it done this week.) We're also working on having the grill accessories including sauces that you want on hand. So far our new focus on grills seems to be working. For the year we're up 130%. I think if the spring hadn't been so poor we'd be a lot further than this. One interesting thing the old timers told me. Back before propane grills grew to dominate we used to be running down to Kingsford's charcoal factory with two trucks at a time.