We do great in some of our clothing lines especially work clothing lines like Carhartt and Williamson Dickie. We also do great in western wear and jeans. However we really weren't doing a great job in sportswear. Our new buyer saw that lack and went out and got us a couple of the best names in sportswear. First of all we have Underarmour which is one of the hottest brands out there. He brought some of that in last fall and we just plain sold out. This year he's brought in some more. Above and below you'll see some Underarmour clothing that we had customized with the Fighting Sioux logo. We've also got shorts and some other sports shirts. The other hot new brand we have going is Columbia sportwear. We just got this in for spring and it's been going really well. And here are some great polo shirts at the everyday low price of $24.99 which is a great value nowdays. (I've already got most of these colors.) We're even trying out some of the Columbia casual/sport footwear. Looks like nice stuff. We have sold Columbia winter boots for a few years and are doing fantastic with them. This fall we're getting in a line of Columbia winter coats which we're so excited to be able to offer. We sell a lot of winter coats but most of them are more utilitarian like Carhartt. When we get Columbia jackets in we'll be able to satisfy a different segment of the population without taking away our leadership in work clothing. We're really excited to be offering these two great brands. We have them in every store across the state.