I was walking in the back yesterday and noticed that our buyer has really stocked up on suction hose to get ready for the flood. There's a lot of stuff besides pumps that need to be brought in in case the flooding is as bad as they're predicting. Not only is there the various sundries related to pumps and handling water we have to worry about having things like knee boots in stock. We take a lot of pride in being here for our customers. We're not perfect, but I think we're better than any of our competition. This picture reminds me of 1997. During the week that Grand Forks was all but off limits I had to run down to Fargo in our furniture truck to pick up all of the suction hose and fittings I could get. I went to Dakota Hose in Fargo and Pleasure Land in Moorhead. I pretty much cleaned them all out of 2 inch fittings. I-29 by Harwood had just been opened again. There wasn't any traffic, but it was spooky driving on the narrow strip of highway sticking out from the river. I didn't really have that much weight on, but if felt like the road was mush and was trying to pull me into the ditches.