Our Williston store has been hard at work redoing our clothing and footwear department. We've seen great, fantastic, wonderful, terrific....growth in our Carhartt and work books line. One principle we're trying to work on is to expand our investment in the areas that are expanding. We can do that in two ways. Buy more inventory AND give them some sales floor space. The first is easier than the second. It's easy to justify adding more inventory when you're growing. It's harder to find sales floor space because adding space means taking away from another area. So we were probably a bit late on this but we've got some great progress to report. This is our new steel toe boot display. That's right. These are all steel toed. We've still got a lot of soft toed work boots in addition to the men's and women's western boots. We do great out there as well in those lines. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/HPIM0484_thumb.jpg I think this is a BIG WOW to the people when they walk in. That's right to your right on the front wall when you walk in our front door. I think that makes a fabulous statement that if you're looking for work boots you don't need to check anywhere else. We've also GREATLY expanded our Carhartt display in Williston. This picture is on the left side of the first picture. Prior to this our Carhartt was jammed in to the back. Barb and Trudy came up with a plan to move our best stuff up to the front. It looks great. Trudy, Judy, Keisha, Kari, Dawn and Cindy put together an amazing amount of work to get it looking this great this fast! http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/HPIM0485_thumb.jpg The clothing that was in this area has been moved down the hill a bit. We were able to consolidate some of the housewares and toys by going higher with the shelving. That gave us the ability to move the second tier clothing (Carhartt and boots are the top tier lines) into the area we opened up. The bottom line is that we've got a lot more of the best product out without taking much away from the other lines. I think they did a great job. The thing is though, that these projects aren't a one time deal. We need to be thinking about how to do better with what we have 365 days a year. I guess Barb has plans for more changes after Christmas.