I know I haven't been good at updating this site. The problem with inventory season is that you're working extra hours and getting further behind while you're doing it. Our last inventory in Williston was certainly a challenge. It's always the one we dread just because of the extra travel. Well in this case we got pushed back a day because of the storm. We lost our hotel rooms for the night after the inventory. We tried to rent a bus so that if we ran late we wouldn't be trying to drive home while we're in no condition to. The bus company had problems and that didn't work. We scrambled around and got going Tuesday morning. That means we we were late starting on Tuesday evening. Rather than start at 2pm it was around 5:30 when we got going. Then after dinner we had computer problems. By the time we got that fixed we were really behind. Then something great happened. We had a great crew and the Williston team had done such a good job preparing that the inventory flew by. Some of us got home before Midnight even, which isn't bad.